Security Statement

Internet Security Technology

We use 248-bit encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL) web server certificates on this website that encrypts all data sent to and from the website. Information is scrambled and hence unintelligible if intercepted to ensure maximum security. This SSL technology sets the standard for secure data transmission over the Internet. As such, when you reach the final payment stage your connection will change to the secure https channel.

Browser Security

If you elect to submit your credit card details online, you may notice that the URL prefix located in your address bar will change from the standard http:// to the secure https://. When this happens you are in secure mode; you will also notice at the bottom right-hand corner of your browser either a locked padlock or solid gold key, and, depending on your settings, receive a prompt informing you that you are visiting a secure page. This assures you that your browser and our server are communicating in a secure environment